Grape Seed Extract and The Gut Microbiota – A New Understanding of The Interplays and Their Impact on Health

The delightful grape. So wonderful as a refreshing snack, or used for a juice or wine. We hear about the benefits of resveratrol (from grapes and found in wine) for health, but what about the vast array of polyphenols in grape seed (not grapefruit!) extract? We are finding out more about how the microbiota, that is, the flora in our gut, also has an impact on the benefits we see from this common supplemental antioxidant. Learn more here:

Air pollution - truly a health issue? If so, what can you do?

Some days when I'm out for my much needed activity such as biking or running to release my stress and be a part of nature, I notice the air quality more than others. And usually, an observation of such is not a good thing! It lead me to question more about the impact of the air quality on my health, and how I can support my body in the settings of air pollution. Learn more as I did here:

Adrenal fatigue: Fact, fad, or fiction?

So you're tired. So tired. You've seen your doctor, they said nothing is wrong. You learn about something called adrenal fatigue from a quick search of your symptoms on the web. But is there actually validity in this as a diagnosis? Learn more about it in Dr. Decker's review here:

Natural Anti-allergic Alternatives

'Tis the season! Not for that jolly fellow in red who visits our homes via chimneys, but the season for what plagues many - ALLERGIES! Consider some different natural substances which may be helpful for your allergies!

AHCC - An Immune Modulator for Autoimmune Disease?

Many have heard of the compound AHCC in reference to its use in settings of anti-cancer therapies. However, AHCC, a Basidiomycetes mushroom-derived compound, is an immune modulator, and may have benefits for individuals with autoimmune disease. Learn more in my recent contribution to Naturopathic Doctors News and Reviews -

Phosphatidylcholine: A simple yet necessary nutrient

Speaking of liver disease and skin health, one of the things which is important for the health of the liver and all the cells in the body is phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is a phospholipid that is the main building material for all of our cellular membranes, and is important for cellular health and communication, as well as liver health and detoxification.

Psoriasis, Autoimmunity, Inflammation and the Gut – what natural things can you do to heal?

The frustration of psoriasis, for those who experience it, ranges from mild irritation and annoyance to something which can be debilitating. Learn more about natural alternatives to support the resolution of psoriasis.

Big Pharma Banks on Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is NOT an uncommon issue, and isn't just impacting those who are exposed to excess alcohol or toxins. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition associated with obesity, which impacts a continuously increasing amount of our population. Drug developers, of course, are looking to make a buck. But what can you do from a natural perspective to support liver health? Lots!

High-dose Biotin Shows Promise for Arresting Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Disability

Anyone who has an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis is often looking to alternative medicine for support. Learn about the positive findings of recent research utilizing high-dose biotin for the treatment of this condition.

Sleep and Its Detoxing Effect on The Brain and Body

Every feels like everything is out of balance and your world is crashing down around you only to go to bed and wake up in the morning and forget all about it? I definitely have! Why? Because sleep really does many things to reset and detoxify our bodies! Learn more in here!

Mood disorders and insomnia - if you experience them together, you are not alone

In my practice I see many people who experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, and perhaps not surprisingly, they often have some form of difficulty sleeping. In this publication which was published in Naturopathic Doctor News and Reviews, I look at some of the related aspects of these things, and how nutritional therapies may improve them -

Seasonal Immune Support - But What About Autoimmune Disease?

Supporting the immune system for prevention of illness and faster recovery from colds and respiratory infections is often on people's minds with the onset of cold and influenza season.  There are supplements which have evidence for illness prevention as well as decreasing infection severity. The things which are generally safe for individuals with a healthy immune system are possibly not safe for individuals with autoimmune disease.  Read Dr. Decker's discussion of some of the supplements which may be helpful for individuals with autoimmune disease as well as others including children in the discussion "Immune Supportive Agents and Considerations for Autoimmunity."

Gluten Digestion for Individuals with Celiac and Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Many people chose to adhere to a gluten-free diet for health reasons. Celiac disease is one reason why gluten must be avoided, but individuals with other autoimmune conditions and non-celiac gluten sensitivity also have health issues which are improved if they avoid consumption of gluten.  Read Dr. Decker's contribution concerning gluten digestion in the face of inadvertent exposure to the educational resource Clinical Education.

Genetic Associations with Bulimia Nervosa

The question of what causes one individual to develop a disease condition while another individual in similar circumstances does not is increasingly being studied as genetic information becomes more available.  Genetics play a role in determining our risk for a variety of disease conditions, but they also shed light on things that may be helpful in treatment.  Read Dr. Decker's contribution to Eating Disorder Hope concerning the topic of Genetic Associations with Bulimia Nervosa.