Genetic Associations with Bulimia Nervosa

The question of what causes one individual to develop a disease condition while another individual in similar circumstances does not is increasingly being studied as genetic information becomes more available.  Genetics play a role in determining our risk for a variety of disease conditions, but they also shed light on things that may be helpful in treatment.  Read Dr. Decker's contribution to Eating Disorder Hope concerning the topic of Genetic Associations with Bulimia Nervosa.

Trauma – How to Walk the Road of Recovery Amidst the Difficulties of Life

In recovery from eating disorders and other addictions, there are many ups and downs that life challenges one with.  Fortunately through the path of recovery one becomes aware of many more choices rather than the addiction that once controlled behaviors and choices.  What are you doing to support your recovery when you encounter trauma?  Dr. Decker discusses some ideas to consider in Eating Disorder Hope.