Adrenal fatigue: Fact, fad, or fiction?

So you're tired. So tired. You've seen your doctor, they said nothing is wrong. You learn about something called adrenal fatigue from a quick search of your symptoms on the web. But is there actually validity in this as a diagnosis? Learn more about it in Dr. Decker's review here:

Combating Chronic Fatigue

If you don’t feel your best energy-wise from time-to-time you are in good company.  Everyone experiences occasional symptoms of fatigue, and this may be associated with poor sleep, stress, seasonal depression, and many other things.  When stress becomes prolonged, after meeting the demands of the body to function at this high level, the system eventually wears down and is in need of restoration.  Stress can come from a variety of things including a demanding job, family and dependants, health problems, or the death of a loved one.  More often than not, a multitude of low level chronic stresses accumulate and tip the balance resulting in a health crisis or the body shutting down, with chronic fatigue resulting.