Air pollution - truly a health issue? If so, what can you do?

Some days when I'm out for my much needed activity such as biking or running to release my stress and be a part of nature, I notice the air quality more than others. And usually, an observation of such is not a good thing! It lead me to question more about the impact of the air quality on my health, and how I can support my body in the settings of air pollution. Learn more as I did here:

Adrenal fatigue: Fact, fad, or fiction?

So you're tired. So tired. You've seen your doctor, they said nothing is wrong. You learn about something called adrenal fatigue from a quick search of your symptoms on the web. But is there actually validity in this as a diagnosis? Learn more about it in Dr. Decker's review here:

Seasonal Immune Support - But What About Autoimmune Disease?

Supporting the immune system for prevention of illness and faster recovery from colds and respiratory infections is often on people's minds with the onset of cold and influenza season.  There are supplements which have evidence for illness prevention as well as decreasing infection severity. The things which are generally safe for individuals with a healthy immune system are possibly not safe for individuals with autoimmune disease.  Read Dr. Decker's discussion of some of the supplements which may be helpful for individuals with autoimmune disease as well as others including children in the discussion "Immune Supportive Agents and Considerations for Autoimmunity."

Combating Chronic Fatigue

If you don’t feel your best energy-wise from time-to-time you are in good company.  Everyone experiences occasional symptoms of fatigue, and this may be associated with poor sleep, stress, seasonal depression, and many other things.  When stress becomes prolonged, after meeting the demands of the body to function at this high level, the system eventually wears down and is in need of restoration.  Stress can come from a variety of things including a demanding job, family and dependants, health problems, or the death of a loved one.  More often than not, a multitude of low level chronic stresses accumulate and tip the balance resulting in a health crisis or the body shutting down, with chronic fatigue resulting.

Clinical studies concerning non-Celiac gluten sensitivity

Many studies have demonstrated that non-Celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is significantly related to various health conditions, however others have also shown no relationship... NCGS is characterized (in individuals for which Celiac disease has been excluded) by symptoms which occur after gluten ingestion, are improved (within hours or days) after elimination, with relapse following gluten introduction. 

What is a naturopathic medicine??

As a naturopathic doctor in a region where naturopathic medicine is not a common practice, I am often asked about what naturopathic medicine is. Although the answers I give are often simple — it is the practice of medicine utilizing botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy and counseling — there is a volume of depth beyond each of these and the philosophy of naturopathic care.